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High Altitude Truck Club is putting a truck and car show on at the north lakelannd hooters in lakeland fl on sept 19th. still working on all the details but this is what we have so far. $15 for trucks/cars. $10 for ATV's/motorcycles..

media coverage
raffles for great prizes
more to come....

Best 4x4
Best Mud truck
Best mini
Best car
Classic car
Best donk
Best Suv
Under construction:
Best under construction
Best of show(voted by guest)
Best paint

will post more info as i get itt we are working on a tug o war and some other stuff.

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"sport truck" class added, also working on a beer belly and root beer chug contest
Ill come out if i dont forget
lets go if you pre register i'll do $10 for cars/trucks and $5 for bikes/atv. email me if you want a registration form. when you come to the show i will have your name on file so you can get your discount.
put pre reg in the subject
show is gonna be sick!! trophies for 1st,2nd,and 3rd

woods and water magazine gonna be out there, as well as hot rides, and a couple other magazines.
i thing a few of us are planning on makeing it....
I'll be there. any idea if keith spiker will be? I want to park my truck under his, since mine is the same body style and everything I think it would be cool
george, glad to see you guys are coming!

eric, i'm not sure if keith is coming i told him about it but not sure if he is gonna come.

show is gonna be covered by 8-lug magazine. they are gonna put it on their website and maybe in their magazine.

also, saturday is the last day for pre registrations!
Were going to roll out should be a couple of us. Email me a registration form Thanks Late.
whats the address? i might roll out if i can get off work early enough
3400 us north 98 Lakeland Fl
Zac said:
whats the address? i might roll out if i can get off work early enough

it's super easy to find. it's at the overpass of I-4 and 98. exit 32. can't miss it, although it is kind of a paint to get to from the interstate. you have to drive past it, make a u-turn and come back
just a few more days!! im excited as hell!!

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